Kneel before your king!
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So this came up on my iTunes during the drive home today. My mind immediately decided that it was going to go on my Hades and Persephone playlist.

  • Track: Something That I Want
  • Artist: Grace Potter
  • Album: Tangled
  • Plays: 74
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First things first, I’d like to acknowledge the fact that the song I put up yesterday got 60 notes in 24 hours???? oH My g OD??????????

Seriously though guys that’s the most notes I’ve gotten on anything I’ve created in a very long time and I’m so emotional about it thank you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, my brain’s been working on overdrive since Friday and holy crap I haven’t been this inspired to create in a very very very very very very (you get the idea) long time, so there’s going to be more crappily recorded music. I got my family to keep quiet this time so there’s less background noise. 

This as you can already guess is the theme for the Underworld, and by extension, Hades himself since they’re both entwined. It’s more like a pre-pre-pre demo because I tried a few slight variations. 

(This is more of me just trying stuff out than an actual piece so.)

  • Track: Underworld (Demo)
  • Artist: Ashmeera Sevellaraja
  • Plays: 242